Wow! It's been 16 years since I started this website. I have retired from dog training, but not
from dogs. I don't keep up with the newest and brightest ideas on canine behavior like I used
to, but I'll always have one foot in the door. I am impressed with the new generation of
trainers and behavior specialists. They are using the most current information and techniques
to further the dog/human relationship.

I hope these pages continue to be useful to those of you who have chosen to share your life
with dogs.

This site is devoted to human/dog relationships. These pages contain my thoughts on training
and behavior and the methods and techniques I have used to treat dog behavior problems.

My hope is that you'll read what's here and be inspired to get a professional evaluation or
enroll in group class - even if you don't need to address a behavior problem. Group or private
training should be a ton of fun for you and your dog, no matter the reason for enrolling. If
training class is not an enjoyable bonding experience for you or your dog, ask for a refund and
find a new trainer.

The first step is always a visit to your veterinarian. Behavior issues can be symptoms of
health issues, so please take Fido for a check-up before beginning any type of behavior
modification program.

I do not include information on topics such as house training and basic obedience (sit, stay,
down, etc.) because there are already a multitude of excellent sites on the Internet that cover
these topics.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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