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I love hearing from you at deb(at)k9deb(dot)com.
Don't copy/paste! I'm trying to avoid spammers by spelling out the symbols. :)

I receive as many 100 e-mails a week asking for help with specific problems. As much as I'd
like to, I just can't provide specific advice about a specific problem without the benefit of
observing the dog myself.  There is a wealth of information here in cyberspace, but no
website is a substitute for a professional, in-person evaluation.

I *do* read your mail and I will respond if I have something to say other than "Get
professional help".  To find a qualified trainer or behavior counselor in your area go to the
Association of Pet Dog Trainers website and click on "trainer search".

If you are contacting me regarding
reprint permission for your newsletter, animal shelter,
training class hand-out or similar reason the answer is "Yes".  Please e-mail the basics
about where the reprint will be used and, if possible, a copy of the publication. If your
intent is noble and your goal is to help dogs and human understand each other better
then I'm likely to be OK with it. If your intent is to profit off of my efforts, we might have a

For help in understanding your dog, please check out these awesome sites:   Debbie Jacobs rocks! This site has excellent advice for everyone.

A must read: Jean Donaldson's Culture Clash

Thank you and good luck!

Debbie McKean