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An off-site consultation can be very helpful, however, if you and your dog are having a specific problem there is no substitute for having a professional, in-person evaluation performed. If you're looking for general information there is no shortage of websites and message boards that cover all areas of canine behavior.  Don't forget to check out some nutrition sites, too!

To find a qualified trainer or behavior counselor in your area go to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers website and click on "trainer search".

For a great read and practical information on canine behavior, including information on how to handle fears, aggression and a host of other problems, go to and order the book "Culture Clash" by Jean Donaldson.

Information on training and behavior, including specific problem areas:

This Yahoo group (agbeh) offers great advice for owners who have dogs with aggression issues.

Clicker Solutions
This website is much more than an explanation of clicker training. There are top notch articles on many areas of canine behavior.

Flying Dog Press
Excellent articles covering many aspects of behavior and training.

Email group with a wide variety of topics and a wide variety of member experience. This is the perfect e-mail list for the first time dog owner or a canine professional.

Thank you and good luck!

Debbie McKean


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